Friday, November 20, 2009


I am so in love...L.O.V.E...with this outfit!!! I bought it from A&k Designs last night and tried it on today, and it stole my heart. I laughed so hard at first that my tummy hurt, then I ran to take a pic and share it with everyone. *grins* I could use so many words to describe this outfit, but am afraid I could not do it justice. I will say I am having way too much fun with the red glowing nose and the lights around my neck and antlers! While this outfit is not free, it is more than worth the 200L being asked. Look for it by the model stands in the main part of the store, "Rudy the red nose rave deer", how cute is that name? Okay, I'm off to work at Lion Skins to dance my booty off in my wonderfully fun new outfit. Have a great day all.

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